Ben Strickland, RAY ALLEN’s Senior Director of Product Mgmt, won the ITAM Review’s “Professional of the Year” Excellence Award for 2021. Ben has received this award for all of his contributions to the ITAM industry, including:

  1. Leading the design, development, and business case for a next-generation ITAM system architectural design, already deployed in one of the largest telecommunications providers in the world.
  2. Being the primary author, visionary, and content writer for ISO 19770-6. Ben will also be a key contributor to the creation of 19770-7.
  3. Being instrumental in the maturing of ITAM in the IT infrastructure market from various fronts: designing new architectures and systems to manage hybrid IT and the convergence of physical and virtual assets for license vendors/manufacturers; authoring standards; and working on maturing buying models as the industry transforms.

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